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With the Right People, Great Things Can Happen

Our young and dynamic team have driven many of our clients into the world of digital based promotions via social media management and campaigns, as well as website design and development which enables the clients to reach new markets that were previously beyond their capabilities.  


What We Offer

Jeffery International Media offers a wide range of media services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Whether you’re a small, local business or a multinational corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and what our team can do for you.

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Social Media Management

From Sample to Strategy

We provide a range of social media services that are catered specifically to your business or organization. Do you have a goal that you don't know how to achieve? From growing your audience and reach to designing ad campaigns, our team can surely help you out. Get in touch today so we can elevate your online presence.

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From proposal to paper

From the graphics to the editing we can help you bring your written words to life. Whether you are writing a book, creating a newspaper, or any other literary piece of work, we have got you covered. With our well experienced writers, editors, and graphic artists, we can help you get those thoughts onto paper and out into the world. 

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From blueprint to business

At Jeffery International Media, each client is unique. Which is why we create strategies tailored to the needs of each company. We can help you cultivate your brand identity that will best represent your business to the rest of the world. Reach out and we’ll help you get your brand exactly where it needs to be — ahead of the rest.

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Website Design and Development

From diagrams to development

Have an idea that you’re trying to bring to life online? Or a new business that you want to launch into the digital space? We bring a wide array of professional services in web development and design to the work we’re involved with. We can manage it all while maintaining high standards of quality. We can help you transform your online presence into something exceptional.

Your Imagination,
To Actuality

At Jeffery International Media we believe in collaboration. Working with clients is a team effort to reach the best and highest standards. We are dedicated to working with you closely to achieve your goals. Your dreams are our dreams too! We are committed to being there with you every step of the way. 







From Imagination

Our Current Projects

A mix of websites, magazines, and newspapers

Enrich Magazine

From Sample to Strategy

Introducing Enrich, your passport to a healthier lifestyle! Brought to you by Mercury Drug Store, this nationwide magazine is your ultimate guide to wellness and vitality. Discover expert tips on nutrition, fitness, and mental well-being, alongside inspiring stories to enrich your life. Dive into Enrich and embark on a journey to a happier, healthier you!

Boracay Sun News

Your Island News

your lifestyle guide to Boracay Island, Philippines! Explore dining, entertainment, and local culture with us. Stay informed, stay inspired!

Take a look at some of our past projects...

A mix of websites, books, magazines and newspapers.

Explore Our Pricing Options

We’ve been providing a wide range of web development services for clients in the city area and beyond. From updating your website to providing creative solutions on how to innovate and improve your users’ experiences — Jeffery International Media always makes sure clients are satisfied with the work we do.

Website Design &

The entire creation of your website

Your choice of website: Informational, E-Commerce, Booking, or something completely unique to your services and products

Completely align your brand's personality to your website's looks

Reach out to a wider audience 

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